Active Power is a global technology company driven by motion, innovation, and a fierce determination to satisfy customer needs. Products are based on flywheel technology that provides an unmatched combination of reliability, total cost of ownership, and power density, because the flywheel is always in motion, assuring power is there where you need it.

Active Power’s expert system engineers and worldwide service and support teams ensure that enterprises around the globe have the power to perform. Founded in 1992, Active Power (NASDAQ: ACPW) protects operations in more than 50 countries with clean, flywheel based UPS systems and modular power solutions. Products and solutions are built in Austin, Texas, at an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing center.


40% TCO Savings

- Permanent energy storage
- 98% energy efficient
- Less expensive to install and commission (vs. UPS w/batteries)

12X Less Likely to Fail

- Most reliable energy storage system
- Minimize risk and disruption from maintenance and replacement

9X Less Carbon Emissions

- 90% less carbon used in UPS manufacture
- Over 40% less carbon emitted over 15 years (vs. UPS w/batteries)

Made in the USA

Made in the USAActive Power, Inc. designs & manufactures all of its products in the United States.  

Territory Coverage

The Arthur N. Ulrich Company proudly represents Active Power, Inc. in Ohio.

PDF Corporate Overview
Corporate Overview
Flywheel UPS Demonstration

CleanSource 275XT UPS
NEW- CleanSource® 275XT UPS
(150kVA - 275kVA)

Active Power's NEW CleanSource® 275XT Flywheel UPS is the perfect combination of low total cost of ownership, superior reliability, and sustainability for any mission critical application.  The CleanSource® 275XT provides 78% more runtime than the CleanSource® 300, delivering one minute at typical industry loads (40-50%).
PDF CleanSource® 275XT UPS

CleanSource 300 UPS
CleanSource® 300 UPS
(150kVA - 1200kVA)

CleanSource® 300 UPS Single Module System

Active Power’s Single Module System Flywheel UPS is the perfect combination of reliability, efficient and power density for any mission critical application 150kVA to 300kVA. Designed with highly predictable, battery-free energy storage, the Single Module System offers unmatched total cost of ownership for high availability organizations.
PDF CleanSource® 300 UPS Single Module System

CleanSource® 300 UPS Multi-Module System

CleanSource® UPS Multi-Module System (MMS) offers a wide range of modular and redundant backup power systems from 300 kVA to 1200 kVA. The built-in flywheel energy storage takes up less than half the footprint of battery based systems, delivers efficiency up to 98% and lowers total cost of ownership by up to 40% over the life of the product. This field proven technology is based on a highly fault tolerant IGBT architecture designed to protect all critical loads, such as data centers, industrial processes and healthcare applications. Active Power’s CleanSource® UPS MMS can also be expanded into multi-megawatt configurations with paralleling capability for capacity and redundancy.
PDF CleanSource® 300 UPS Multi-Module System

CleanSource 750HD UPS
CleanSource® 750HD UPS
(750kVA - 3MVA)

Active Power’s CleanSource® 750HD delivers 40% TCO savings, is 12 times less likely to fail, and reduces your impact on the environment by 90%. Based on a field-proven design, our flywheel UPS is a perfect fit for today’s mission critical applications in data centers, health care facilities, and industrial and manufacturing sites.

The CleanSource® 750HD is rated at 750 kVA / 675 kW. Up to 7 UPS systems can be paralleled for redundancy or capacity, supporting over 4.5 MW of backup power in a single paralleled system.
PDF CleanSource® 750HD UPS
PDF CleanSource® 750HD Extended Runtime UPS
CleanSource® 750HD UPS Overview
Inside CleanSource® 750HD UPS

CleanSource DC Energy Storage
CleanSource® DC Systems

CleanSource® DC is as a battery-free energy storage alternative for your mission critical UPS. CleanSource® DC supplements or replaces battery strings in your UPS system, driving down lifecycle cost while improving reliability. Available in 250 kW and 500 kW building blocks, expandable up to 2 MW.
PDF CleanSource® DC

Modular Power & IT

Data center construction costs too much, takes too long, and incurs too much risk. A modular IT system from Active Power can be the solution. Our modular power, IT and all-in-one modules provide an innovative approach to building or expanding your data center and will reduce the time, money, and complexity of your project.
PDF PowerHouse
PowerHouse™ Overview
PowerHouse™ Walkthrough


Active Power has designed its preventative maintenance and support programs to ensure your critical power infrastructure operates with the utmost reliability.
PDF Service

Case Studies

Data Center

PDF Case Study - University Data Center (Western, US)
PDF Case Study - Verizon Terremark Data Center


PDF Case Study - Parkland Hospital
PDF Case Study - Metro Health


PDF Case Study - Contact Lens Manufacturer
PDF Case Study - Glass Manufacturer

White Papers

PDF WP103 - Reliability Assessment of Integrated Flywheel UPS
PDF WP104 - Disposal of Lead Acid Batteries
PDF WP106 - Theory of Operation
PDF WP107 - 15 Seconds versus 15 Minutes
PDF WP108 - Operation of a Flywheel-Based UPS
PDF WP109 - Flywheel UPS Systems for Industrial Applications
PDF WP110 - Flywheel UPS Systems for Broadcast Applications
PDF WP111 - Quantitative Reliability Assessment for Ball Bearings
PDF WP112 - Understanding Flywheel Energy Storage
PDF WP114 - High Efficiency UPS Systems for a Power Hungry World
PDF WP115 - Mitigating Risk of UPS System Failure
PDF WP116 - Critical Power Systems - The Lifeline of the Healthcare Industry
PDF WP117 - Extended Runtime Option
PDF WP119 - Evaluating Total Cost of Ownership for UPS Systems

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