Isolated Power Systems for Healthcare Facilities

BenderIsolated power systems offer an invaluable advantage: Early detection allows for critical systems to remain online in a single fault condition. Bender isolated power panels provide isolated power to electrical systems in operating rooms and other critical care areas.  Utilizing the latest in line isolation monitoring technology, the LIM2010 provides advanced warning of faults to help reduce downtime and increase operational efficiencies.  Bender isolated power system equipment is designed in strict compliance with UL 1047, UL 1022, and UL 50.  NFPA 99 requires isolated power in "wet" locations and other areas where power interruption cannot be tolerated. 

Bender isolated power panels offer the most up-to-date technology for all isolated power distribution requirements.  Panels include:

- Isolation transformer, rated to your requirements
- Primary circuit breaker
- Eight (8) 2-pole circuit breakers, field expandable to 16
- LIM2010 line isolation monitor

A wide range of additional features and options are available, including:

- Provision(s) for receptacles and/or ground jacks
- Circuit control via PLC
- Integrated ground fault location system
- Transformer load monitoring
- Remote communication system integration

Product Support

PDF Isolated Power Systems Data Sheet

PDF Isolated Power Systems User Manual

PDF LIM2010 Data Sheet

PDF LIM2010 Installation Bulletin

PDF LIM2010 User Manual

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